FIRE BELL IN THE NIGHT by Constance Robertson
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She's had her ups and downs, has Miss Robertson, and this is a good one. There's period glamour and high drama to this story of the Underground of American Civil War days, of the bitter fight between Abolitionists and the so-called Patriots of Syracuse, and of Mahala North, slave runner, desperate in her activities for the which had taken her twin brother's life, and in the thick of it with her father and a Southerner, Dallas Ord. The Norths move to Syracuse when Ohio gets too hot for them and take ever an old tavern which they use as a station, with Mahala and Ord engineering the most dangerous schemes. She rescues Ord from a county jail in Montusky and saves his life, but he refused to acknowledge their feeling for each other because of an ancient feud. Further trouble comes through John Palfrey, aristocratic anti-Negro lawyer, when Mahela marries out of spits at Ord. With the seisure of a and the riots, Mehala as Ord had predicted, goes back to the side she believes in and the she loves. Popular, romantic.

Pub Date: March 13th, 1944
Publisher: Holt