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CHARLES SHEELER: Artist in the American Tradition by Constance Rourke

CHARLES SHEELER: Artist in the American Tradition


Publisher: Harcourt, Brace

The importance of Sheeler, and correspondingly of this delightful book, lies not in Sheeler himself, but in Sheeler as a reflection of shifting values in the development of the modern art movement in this country. Miss Rourke has succeeded in making his story the story of the influences that changed the course of art theory and practice, the way in which the field of art impinged on that of literature and architecture and decoration and photography. It is too a reflection of a manner of life, a searching into a certain underlying philosophy, as she follows Sheeler's not very spectacular career, and indicates the way in which he has been a sounding board for various trends. The book lacks the fire of her Audubon; there is, perhaps, a reflected abstration in tone values, inevitable with her subject. But it is a definite contribution to her study of the American scene. Illustrated with 4 half tone reproductions of the artist's paintings. Sell the book first to those interested in modern art, then to those interested in Americana.