THE REB AND THE REDCOATS by Constance Savery
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The American Revolution ceases to be remote when the Darrington's gardener brings a doll back to England for young Charlotte as a souvenir and when two rebels are captured before they reach the shores of their French allies. Uncle Laurence whose closest friend was killed on American soil is vengeful in his treatment of Randall, his prisoner, interning him in a cell of a converted monastery on the family property. But the ""Redcoats"", Charlotte and her brothers and sister, learn to love ""Reb"" who turns out to be an excellent tutor for them. The friendship is strengthened further by the discovery that Charlotte's doll actually beongs to Reb's sister Patty. The truth concerning Reb's part in the war eventually dispels Uncle Laurence's wrath and when Reb and his companion seize the opportunity to leave, the Redcoats fervently pray God-speed. A closing epilogue satisfactorily informs us of Reb's safety, the end of the war and his forthcoming return to England where Charlotte and the family await a joyous reunion. Both prisoner and jailer are seen from equal vantage points in wholly human terms -- thus we have an unusual story of intrigue and adventure with enough components to please both sexes and enough dignity to please the most ardent ""revolutionary"".

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1961
ISBN: 1883937426
Publisher: Longmans, Green