YOUR FAMILY WARDROBE by Constance Talbet


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There is a tremendous amount of valuable information in this book -- information which may be ABC to oldtime housekeepers and managers of the family budget and wardrobe; but to many modern women, the war has brought them up sharply against the realization that they really don't know the whys and hows and wherefor of proper maintenance. This starts with wise buying, gauging of values, selection and care of accessories, -- jewelry, shoes, hats, etc. Then there are instructions about such homely things as washing and ironing, care of fabrics, restyling, care of household textiles, cleaning, mending, etc., etc. In format the book looks as though it were made up from department store training schedules; the layout and illustrations and design leave much to be desired. But overlooking this -- the content is sound, and lots of simple problems are approached sanely and the solution offered with no apologies for its implicity. The author has compiled her material from experience in community rallies on woman's household problems -- and the approach is definitely practical and realistic. Nor previous bee, The Complete Back of Sewing sold over 300,000 copies. This too is good merchandise. Check lists -- charts -- diagrams -- etc.

Publisher: Arco