ENEMY BROTHERS by Constanoe Savery
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Dymory Ingleford, an R.A.F. officer, who before the War had made an important part of his life the search for a younger brother kidnapped and taken to Germany ten years before, finds at last, in a twelve year old German prisoner, Max Eckermann, the lost Tony. Fierce in his resentment and hatred of anything English and determined that he is not English, Tony's adjustment to the ways of the English, to the normal, happy life of a big family, is a long and tragic process. It is his big brother, Dym, whose great patience and understanding cannot be beaten down, who finally wins him and brings about his voluntary acceptance of his nationality and the United Nations cause. There is a little preaching, unnecessary because the story itself is so eloquent, but the whole is very moving and absorbing, and full of the kind of faith and tolerance that will be needed to rebuild the world. This does not seem primarily a young peoples book, but it is certain to be of interest to them.

Pub Date: Aug. 18th, 1943
ISBN: 1883937507
Publisher: Longmans, Green