NAPOLEON'S NEMESIS: The Life of Baron Stein by Constantin De Grunwald

NAPOLEON'S NEMESIS: The Life of Baron Stein

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An important book from the historical angle, but not a popular book for the Napoleon fan who likes the drama and glamor of the times. Gives a wide view of the European situation, and of other important nations of the period, Russia and Prussia. The life of Baron Stein is the story of the most important figure in European politics, the only man whom Napoleon formally declared an enemy. From the point of view of those looking for la vie amoureuse this will be disappointing. This book traces the evolution and conflict of ideas and the lives and destinies of the men who personified then. Stein stood for the principle of unified Germany, and contributed to the overthrow of Napoleon, and laid the foundations of modern Germany. This story is told against the background of the social, political, and economic status of Russia. Germany and Prussia. Striking piece of historical writing, ably translated. Its market is libraries, public and college, reference shelves of historians, Napoleona.

Publisher: Scribner