THE WAR WE LOST: Yugoslavia's Tragedy and the Failure of the West by Constantin Fotitch

THE WAR WE LOST: Yugoslavia's Tragedy and the Failure of the West

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A now-it-can-be-told blow by blow report of Yugoslavia's tragedy leading up to the Communist-controlled government now uneasily sitting on a powder keg of differences within and without. This is the personal closeup of Fotitch, Yugoslav Minister in Washington during the events that provided one of the as yet unsolved mysteries of the war. Reports seem diametrically opposite, one from another. Fotitch comes out unreservedly on the side of Mihailovitch, and marshals his evidence to prove Tito's complete Moscow control, falsification of propaganda evidence, and personal ambition (now at odds with Moscow). These are facts needed for the record. The charges against Churchill and the British foreign office are unpalatable, and Roosevelt's acquiescence is hardly less so. Fotitch makes his case a strong one. Students of the period will need this book- but the method of reporting the give and take of conferences, interchange of messages, etc. manages to dull the drama of one of the most absorbing phases of the Balkan conflict. Even passionate partisanship on the part of the author fails to enliven his text. I confess to conviction- but not enthusiasm.

Publisher: Viking