THE ARABIAN BIRD by Constantine Fitz Gibbon


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A cosmopolitan, contemporary novel which deals dispassionately with passion, which engages on the theme of chastity with fastidious taste and British self-control. Intermittently past and present, here are the marital experience and romantic pursuits of Charles Monroe, in his late 40's, Oliver, his son by his first marriage, and Louise, the wife of his second marriage. Charles, by nature reticent, remote, becomes even more of a solitary after the desertion of his first wife, never establishes a relationship with Oliver who develops an insolent attraction for women. With the second war, Charles marries Louise, a girl of Oliver's circle, Louise whose decision to marry him is circumstantial rather than romantic. Returning from overseas, Charles witnesses his son's attempt to seduce his wife, a seduction stimulated by Oliver's hostility toward his father, and Charles breaks up his second marriage to remain alone... For worldlier tastes in feminine fiction, this is an entertaining story of private lives.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1948
Publisher: Rinehart