THE FOGGY RESCUE by Consuelo Joerns


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Another snug adventure from the author-illustrator of The Forgotten Bear (1978) and The Lost and Found Horse (1979). Here, father Mouse, ""the best and bravest sea captain on the coast,"" goes off to China in his tuglike boat Flying Paws. When he doesn't return as expected, Mrs. Mouse goes off to buy a foghorn to guide him home. The three young mice, left alone, decide to ""go find Papa"" in a sailboat. Well, they are cold and hungry and lost when they find themselves beached on an island--where, lo and behold, Papa has also been shipwrecked. So Papa, Benjamin, and Toby mouse fix the sailboat (little Jane, the youngest, plays a decidedly auxiliary role) and they all sail home in the fog. ""It's as thick out here as potato soup,"" says Papa; but Mama's foghorn sounds them into port. There's a trace of The Forgotten Bear's preciousness here, a tone that seems borrowed from British children's books of the past. But it is well controlled in this instance, and admittedly hard to separate from the real appeal of the cute little mice and their comfortably dangerous expedition.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1980
Publisher: Four Winds