THE FORGOTTEN BEAR by Consuelo Joerns


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Left behind by mistake in the attic of an old summerhouse on a very small island,"" Sam, a toy bear, sends out an SOS in a bottle and is rescued by a boy named Peter--who loads Sam and an old attic trunk into his small sailboat and takes off. But dark clouds form, waves and a wind come up, and "" 'Hang on!' shouted Peter, who was having a very difficult time hanging on himself."" What saves them both is the accidental but spectacular explosion of a stash of firecrackers in the old trunk. ""Where'd you get those signals? The mate and I have never seen anything like it!"" exclaims their deliverer Captain John as he dispenses hot tea on the rescue ship. It's just a shade cunning, but both story and pictures are of a piece, and Joerns well maintains the ingenuous tone she's aimed for.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1978
Publisher: Four Winds