RATING THE EXERCISES by Consumer Guide--Eds. of


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Why endomorphs rarely make it as high jumpers, calisthentics fall short of the ideal, and figure-wrapping is a fraud. As an analysis of the best-seller programs and standard sports activities, this guide has both muscle and heart. The editors value programs which are ""aerobic in nature,"" accommodating cardiovascular and muscular fitness needs. They evaluate each book and sport individually, pursue the public and medical criticisms, and rate them in short discussions and comparative charts. Bicycling, walking, and swimming, meeting specific criteria, rank high, as do Canada's The Fit Kit, Cooper's The New Aerobics, and Zohman's Beyond Diet. The editors recommend beginning with a medical consultation and then selecting what best fits your style: choose an activity enjoyable in itself, don't plan on morning bicycling if you like to sleep late. Moreover, they indicate which ones are boring or time-consuming, factors most books briskly ignore. A perfect pitch.

Pub Date: May 19th, 1978
Publisher: Morrow