EAT TO LIVE by Corban-Hallook-Martin


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Plan your eating to give you health -- this is the Credo of the three who made this book, a book of recipes, of cooking hints, keyed to actual food values and balanced ration (food plus points). Sound dietary principles, with charts analyzing everyday foods in terms of their nutrition value, make the breakdown on the ""Basic 7"" interesting for the challenge to the good housekeeper. Successive chapters deal with meat stretchers, variety meats, seafood stretchers, vegetables, miscellaneous stretchers of butter, cream, chocolate, and desserts. There are some odd things included (somehow peanut butter souffle fails utterly to tempt my appetite) but there are some intriguing suggestions. I found myself a trifle appalled by the inadequacies of the nutrition value of some of my favorite items, but the emphasis is on knowing what supplies what, and this is the first book that takes item after item and breaks it down so that -- in planning a menu -- you know from soup to nuts, how close you are coming to the ""Basic 7"" platform.

Publisher: M.S. Mill