TRAITOR WITHIN: Out Suicide Problem by

TRAITOR WITHIN: Out Suicide Problem

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A presentation of many of the individual instances, (non) vital statistics and rather fascinating curiosa which document and supplement the suicide problem is based on surveys and socio psychological studies and given many of the etiological to actuarial findings. Namely that it is the 10th (perhaps 11th) cause of death in adults, 5th in children; that 50 of the 300 who attempt suicide daily succeed; that West Berlin has the highest incidence; that weather is an influence, while gas and barbiturates are the favorite instruments of death - for women; that Niagara Falls and the Golden Gate are the most popular sites; etc., etc. Disposing of many customs and beliefs, indicating patterns-trends and tendencies, finding no definite or uniform psychiatric interpretation (it is arguable whether suicide is a form of aggression turned inward), perhaps the most important conclusion to be drawn here is that only 20 to 30% of the people who commit suicide have ""major"" problems or are really mentally disturbed. On the basis of this, the authors feel that the greater public awareness- and vigilance - can therefore stay the impulse toward self-destruction..... Admittedly one of the most puzzling experiences in the practice of medicine, laymen too will not be immune since so much of it deals with both rational and irrational motivation.

Publisher: Doubleday