SHORT CUT TO TOKYO: The Battle for the Aleutians by Corey Ford
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SHORT CUT TO TOKYO: The Battle for the Aleutians

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Here's a book in the news, the one and only book -- to date --dealing solely with the Aleutians, and their challenge to us. The unsung drama of Army engineers, where the battle of weather and williwaws and fog and rain and mud and waiting is at last bearing results. There is some background material here, but the main part of the book is of human interest value; it gives one the feel of what the men are like, what they are against, and how they take it. There are vivid bite of human drama, unforgettable vignettes of men and incidents, stories of pilots, bombardiers, mercy ships; challenges to the Joe Broler's who take days off in Bridgeport to give the youngsters a good time, and the Wally's who lose their lives to make sure there is going to be a chance for a good time for his son back home. The Aleutians are in the headlines, so the book should be a pushover. The Northwest particularly is very Alaska conscious; this is down that alley.

ISBN: 1406769649
Publisher: Scribner