BOY MINUS GIRL by Corinne Willis


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Boy Minus Girl is a passable story minus style and a switch on The Ivory Cage (1966, p. 692) in that Brick Stewart, even though he has a major hobby in swimming and a minor in pop/rock, hasn't managed to be successful with girls. And he's looking for a ""real knock'em dead number""--however settles for pretty, shy Nora who works in the library. (As does the author, a high school librarian.) Brick doesn't seem to get far with Nora; also has trouble with his parents who seem to have snobberies which are not supported by money (his older sister's romance with an Italian, viz. foreigner). And even more difficulties when evidence is planted against him (cigarettes, in his locker, the theft of which he's supposed to be supervising in the Super-Super)... The title and emphasis to the contrary, girls, rather than boys, will read this and they may balk at the square words--""Ritzy,"" ""gol darn,"" and simply ""terric.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1967
Publisher: McKay