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When Consuela Bright was published in England it was acclaimed by the critics as a ""most moving and impressive novel"". And justifiably so, for Cornelia Jessey's of a Jewish family is one of the more richly satisfying books to appear recently. This story of the Bright family -- whose name had been Sonnig -- spans the years from the of the century until after World War II. The Sonnigs had fled Europe to escape Anti Semitism, but found it is other forms -- wearing different faces -- in the United States. Jesse Bright, a scholar turned peddler to support his family, brings his wife and daughter Su (the Consuela of the title) to Deniza, Arizona, to find health and a new life. Here in a town ""hung like a bird cage in the sky"" Sulie grows up among people who often reject her but eventually accept her. The book is mainly her story her dreams, her plans, her romances with the idealistic Issac ben and the fiery her never-ending search for a way to be ""rooted and grounded to love"". How she achieves this, and as a Catholic still feels herself ""more of a few than ever"" is the climax of the book. Cornella Jessey (The Growing Roots. the Angry Spirit and The Treasures of Darkness) writes with compassion, humor, understanding and warmth to make Sulie Bright the unforgettable heroine of this excellent novel.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1962
Publisher: Sheed & Ward