MADE IN JAPAN by Cornelia Spencer


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This is the third title in a series. (The first two were Made In China, and Made In India). This book is conversational in tone and reports on various folk arts of the Japanese-- porcelain, lacquered materials, textiles, paintings and metal work. These reports are preceded by an introductory history of the country and followed by a brief and knowledgeable section that discusses the style and rise of literature, theater and music in Japan. The time span covered is from Japanese pre-history up to (but not including) present day manufactures and production. The illustrations by Richard M. Powers are swiftly brushed black and white line drawings. (The finished book will have photographs also.) These drawings exactly catch and emphasize the major theme of the book which is the reflection of simplicity, delicacy and the art of suggesting much with little that can be traced throughout Japanese crafts as well as their way of life. Well written and well done.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1963
Publisher: Knopf