MODERN CHINA by Cornelia Spencer


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In effect, this constitutes a topical Outline of Chinese political history since 1842 viewed primarily as a response to foreign pressures and reflection of foreign influence. The focus is instructive but inadequate for the neophyte, the presentation (in a scant 100 pages) deficient in connective tissue and topical development. For acquaintance with contemporary China--both what Miss Spencer calls ""Mainland China"" and Formosa--the book is all but useless: events since 1949 are dealt with in less than ten pages (of which, not uncharacteristically, one is devoted to the peripheral subject of SEATO), Formosa gets only one paragraph. In a similarly efficient format, the Robottom (above) has a great deal more to offer.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1969
Publisher: John Day