C'NELIA by Cornelia Wallace


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After the shooting which left him a paraplegic, ""C'nelia"" Wallace comforted her husband: ""George, I know this may be hard for you to accept, but perhaps this is part of God's plan for you. . . . No one will hate you now."" That's half the book. C'nelia omits nothing: the ride to the hospital--they were lucky, the Laurel, Md., Rescue Squad had taken first place in the National Rescue Squad Championships; the operations, the abscesses; the visitors and wellwishers. Hubert Humphrey was ""very comforting."" Billy Graham led 50,000 people in prayer. The other half is C'nelia's growing up in Alabama. She spent some years in the governor's mansion when Jim Folsom, her uncle reigned. Later on, she dated Phil Everly, the singer and had a budding career as a C&W thrush. (""The biggest thrill for me was meeting Gene Autry."") Not a word about Wallace's political creed or future campaign strategy, but lots about her dedication to Christ and her hairdos and how George craved ""sympathy and pity."" Silly and vapid--and that's no exaggeration, y'all.

Pub Date: April 5th, 1976
Publisher: Lippincott