CONQUEST OF THE MOON by Cornelius -- Ed. Ryan


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It is important to know that this is not science-fiction but a factual, scientific survey of what man's first trip to the moon will probably be like. In a previous volume, Across the Space Frontier, the same group of scientists Dr. Wenher von Braun, Willy Ley and Dr. Fred L. Whipple described the setting up of an artificial satellite space-station. Now they carry on the story, from the construction of three space ships at the satellite station (a non-stop Earth-Moon flight would necessitate a prohibitively large ship) to the actual landing on the Moon. Six weeks have been allocated for the first stay there, and they are to be used for meteorological, physical, astronomical, geological, geophysical, etc. exploration and study. And finally, there is the return trip from the Moon to the space station circling the Earth. The authors point out that we now have all of the knowledge and tools; that years of detailed planning and preparation are necessary, but that all this will probably come to pass within the next 25 years.

Publisher: Viking Press