FAREWELL TO FIFTH AVENUE by Cornelius Vanderbilt
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Slated for a big popular success, with a double market. First, those readers who will avidly devour all the casual and familiar details of the background of riches and social glamor; second, those who will enjoy his indifference and cynical commentary on a passing class. And it is good reading, chatty, informal, occasionally humorous, filled with anecdotes of people in the public eye, and unfolding a side of the American scene that is fast disappearing. Critics may or may not give it a good press; but the popular appeal is there and the book will sell -- and rent. Not only is the American scene depicted -- New York, Newport, Washington, brief sojourns on the Coast, recurrent trips to the middle west; but the capitals of Europe, the intimate glimpses of royalty, excursions on the famous Vanderbilt yacht, the inside story of the American Cup Races, close-ups of the Roosevelts. Theodore and Franklin D. It's a concentrated survey of the social pages through several decades, from an oblique angle, tongue in cheek. Advertising push back of it.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster