MAN IS STRONG by Corrado Alvaro


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A sensitized probe into the essential dangers of a policed life, this delineates the poison of fear, and the disintegration of minds under terror. In a translation from the Italian, a protest against fascism, this follows the indoctrination of Dirck, who returns to his homeland to offer his engineering services to the new regime, believing from what he has heard that good will come of it. Through his love for Barbara, who had grown up in the new ideology, through his work with the technical director, in his life at the hotel, he sees the penetration of terror, the impossibility of evading the surveillance which destroys all privacy, all will. The danger in which he lives is increased when he is manoeuvered into the position of a foreign saboteur with the murder of the director. About to be shot, he escapes with the coming of a guerilla band, who believe him to be a loyal Partisan, and he, with wisdom bred in fear, does not deny it...A voluptuous visualizing of the towns and the country, a detailed tracing of the web which enmeshes the people, this, with serious purpose, provides a cumulative terror. Market limited by somewhat specialized slanting of material.

Pub Date: Aug. 17th, 1948
Publisher: Knopf