THE WONDER OF SNOW by Corydon Bell
Kirkus Star


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A competent and fascinated look at the world's white blankets of snow, as they cover us now and as they have covered us through the ages, comes from a man whose aptitude for writing natural science is proving as strong as his ability as an illustrator. Practically no aspect of the phenomenon we call a snowfall is left untouched. The crystal, the storm, the effect of snow on stone age man and Peterssen's recent discovery that our earth is moving in 900 year cycles of warmth and cold- these amazing facts prepare the way for further illumination. The social qualities of snow, as man is bound by it or wonders at it, as he uses it for a water supply and even tries to make it himself, bring new perspectives to storm and winter and the seasons as Mr. Bell surveys them both intimately and scientifically. Snow in its more spectacular forms- the ""arrested storms"" called avalanches, the glaciers and the ice ages and the mysterious polar regions we are now only beginning to know-become more familiar and more wondrous events to speculate upon. One learns a great deal about weather, man and earth in this delightful volume.

Publisher: Hill & Wang