THE MONEY HUNTERS by Cothburn O'Neal


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Larry Shelton is a professional money raiser; no Elmer Gantry (in fact he doesn't have any charisma at all) he manages to reconcile doing well (15% of the take-- it's reasonable) with doing good. Working for one outfit, he is fired after he takes advantage of the gal working with him. Now, on his own (and planning to marry her) he works up a campaign in another town to build a gym, lines up his prospective donors (available married women are always part of a giveaway program such as this) and attains his goal... Philanthropically, we're not going to say very much; the novel is handled in just as commercial a way as the benevolence with which it deals, but it's no more interesting than a ledger sheet.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1966
Publisher: Crown