CONTEMPORARY ITALY: Its Intellectual & Moral Opinions by Count Carlo Sforza

CONTEMPORARY ITALY: Its Intellectual & Moral Opinions

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This book is important because Count Sforza is in a strategic position in Italy today, one of her foremost statesmen, many years exiled, now returned but opposing the present set-up under the King and Badoglio. But it is not the answer to the questions disturbing most thoughtful citizens. It is not easy reading. It is scholarly, often obscuring fairly simple truths in oblique language. It is a combination of (a) political, historical backgrounds to a minor degree; (b) literary and artistic backgrounds, as viewed through representative personalities; (c) personal autobiography, with the focus on his diplomatic career, particularly during and following the first world war; (I found this the most interesting and provocative part of the book); (d) analysis of the basic causes for Italy's susceptibility to Fascism; (e) choice bits, scattered throughout, of application of parallel trends, contrasts, denial of assumptions often made, etc; (f) survey of the growth, development, decline of Mussolini and cism; (g) finally a weighing of the potentials of the future, -- monarchy or republic, relation of Church (he is not sparing in his criticism of the Papacy), Stave, People, inevitability of ultimate Declaration of Interdependence of Nations...Choice of Catholic Book Club.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1944
Publisher: Dutton