I WORKED FOR THE SOVIET by Countess Alexandra Tolstoy


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The daughter of Tolstoy has written, here, reminiscences of the early years of the Soviet regime, and given new color and life to a twice told tale. Very good reading, particularly where she loses sight of her ""mission"" to keep alive her father's memory and theories of life, and gives flashlight impressions, one after another, of her own dramatic experiences, in prison and out, in favor and out, colorful, exciting, full of human interest and interpreting the atmosphere of chaos and confusion and contradictions. The Tragedy of Tolstoy won critical acclaim and a fairly wide sale. This should be of more general interest. It is distinctly episodic in treatment, and punctuated, here and there, with chapters referring to the organization formed to bring out a definitive edition of Tolstoy's work, which seem to break the flow of thought and interest. However, as a picture of the Soviet in operation in the early days, it contributes new material, in a refreshing way. Sell to those interested in Russian background.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1934
Publisher: Yale University Press