ATHENE PALACE: The New Order Comes to Rumonia by Countess Waldeck

ATHENE PALACE: The New Order Comes to Rumonia

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News and gossipworthy, this survey of Rumania from the fall of France to the sole mastery of Antonescu -- June through December 1940 -- as seen from the front row seat occupied by an American journalist. A close-up of Nazi conquest and colonization and the disorganization of a country. While in Bucharest, she met and interviewed Rumanians, Nazis, etc.; had access to all sorts of rumors, local and international, was able to observe personally events leading up to Carol's abdication, the Guardist revolution, bloodless but fulfilling Germany's need, the terror, and Antonescu's place in the scheme. A sophisticated portrayal of personalities, and a finger-on-the- pulse feel of the country, will examination of inner workings of conflicting orders, parties, programs. The conclusion she reaches is that it is impossible for Hitler to win the peace or establish his New Order in Europe.

Publisher: McBride