SILVER SADDLES by Covelle Newcomb
Kirkus Star


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This is a good yarn -- a boy and horse story. A fifteen year old, with a flare for horses, wins his right to be the one to go some three hundred miles to bring back a valuable racer to his father's Mexican ranch. Cimarron has been used only for quarter mile racing; he has to be broken to the long stretch of steady going, and to answering signals of bridle and voice. But his young rider wins his confidence and they start off, alone, facing desert and lonely mountain stretches, where horse thieves and desperadoes would give much for the possession of the beautiful golden horse. Good adventure story, well told, well paced and with lots of atmosphere., - desert, mountain, ghost towns, adobe huts, ranchos, even a village jail. There's a rodeo -- there's success and failure.

Pub Date: Aug. 25th, 1943
Publisher: Longmans, Green