TARGET RECIPES by Covert & Lea Bishop Bailey


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From Fit or Fat? (1978), Bailey proceeded to the Fit-or-Fat Target Diet (1984)--a reasonable high-fiber, low-fat diet for which we now have recipes and cooking suggestions. In the target system, foods are arranged by food group in a target diagram with the most healthful (e.g., beans and legumes, nonfat yogurt) nearest the bull's-eye, and the least desirable (suet, sugar/honey) on the outer perimeter. Dieters can choose foods from the inner circles and plan their own regimens, or they can follow the menus provided. Bailey and Bishop then go on to recipes for each course, each meal and food group. As they explain, many of these were modified from ""regular"" cookbooks to fit the guidelines (macaroni loaf, for instance, from The Joy of Cooking); and they suggest how readers, too, can adapt favorite recipes. A natural for Fit-or-Fat adherents, and a boost for others with specific fiber or fat concerns.

Pub Date: March 19th, 1985
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin