FOLLOW ME, EVERYBODY by Craig Bettinger


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Me"" is Barney, the son of a veterinarian, and self- and teacher-appointed guide to me zoo in this photographic basal expedition. First the class lists the animals they want to see; then Barney leads the way, talking about each animal as they go. The kids appear in natural postures, 'gaping and scratching and straggling near the end. Teacher has to lead them out because Barney only knows the way in but she reassures him that his list in reverse is the key. Barney is not overcute, despite a missing front tooth, and he seems to know his way around. The information he supplies is appropriate to his level (third grade?) and background, but the illustrations aren't quite appropriate to the purpose of the book: bars and railings cut off the animals and keep them at a distance. Not a substitute for a visit: possibly a stimulus.

Pub Date: June 7th, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday