"GOOD-BYE, TONSILS" by Craig Hatkoff


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Juliana was a little scared when she found out she had to have her tonsils out, so her dad suggested she write a journal about it, and he helped. This is a child's-eye view of the process, presented with clarity and reassurance, in Juliana's voice, ranging from the sore throats that plagued her, the hospital visit and procedure, through the recovery period, and her return to school. Juliana doesn't flinch at explaining her fear, or at the discomfort involved. But she also tells about the books she read to prepare, talking with a friend who had several hospital stays, and even playing hospital with paper masks. She talks about intravenous tubes, and anesthesia, and even the little bracelet that spelled her name right. The computer-produced illustrations are warmer in both color and substance than such usually are. The figures are broadly drawn but have recognizable and slightly exaggerated features. There are winning details, like Juliana's blue bunny and her "Goodbye Tonsils" cake. The last line—"the worst thing about having your tonsils out is . . . that you can only do it once"—is a little off-putting, but the book has a place in comforting the thousands of children who have this procedure every year. (Picture book/nonfiction. 4-8)

ISBN: 0142401331
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Viking