THE ODD ONE by Crane Blossom Harrison
Kirkus Star


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No one can resist an imaginative teen-ager just at that point when she turns from a confusing demon into a strikingly beautiful young girl. And in this story of Patricia Castle, the author has caught the poignancy and vigor of that instant as she involves her heroine in a series of adventures arranged by Grandma Pat to help the child make the difficult transition. While enjoying adventure in the Arizona desert, lavish shopping tours in New York, and an almost ideal family, Patricia learns, through love of the rejected, that she is not an ugly duckling, nor an adopted papoose, as her friend, the inventive offspring of two psychiatrists, would have her believe. A charming melange of morality and wish-fullfilment, Crane Harrison writes directly for the teen-age reader without losing an essentially mature perspective.

Pub Date: Aug. 11th, 1958
Publisher: Little, Brown