MILESTONES FOR MODERN TEENS by Crawford John & Dorothea


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Excellent advice from a psychologist and his wife that, if followed, would lessen adolescent tousions considerably, this covers the worry range from romance to religion, in ssilbe understandable plain talk. First chapters discuss feelings -- guilt and inferiority complexes, anxiety -- and the possible reasons for them underlie the goal of accepting your self for what you are and can be. Coming down to specific problems, the following topics include running away, how to get on with younger brothers and sisters, ""old fashioned"" parents, growing up faster, quarrelsome family life, the unreal ""glamour"" of love, stage fright, school work, the right career and the personal formation of one's deeper and religious beliefs. With emphasis throughout on understanding the other fellow along with self examination, the guiding here in thoroughly realistic. Addressed to the teens-not their parents, this is fine for discussion groups, which should bring out some things omitted here.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1954
Publisher: Morrow (Whiteside)