YOUR OWL FRIEND by Crescent Dragonwagon


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After the mushy assurance of a mother's loving presence in Will It Be Okay? (p. 347, J-83), the white owl who acts here as a little boy's night companion/ guardian angel (and whose words these are throughout) is at least unexpected enough to arouse curiosity. But Dragonwagon doesn't satisfy it, and in the end her owl, ever ready to swoop to the child's side ""because I can feel. . . that you need me,"" is more a discordant presence than an affecting enigmatic one. ""I am a predatory bird,"" the owl announces early on--but only, it turns out, by way of explaining how ""I hear you though you don't make a sound. I see you because my eyes are so sharp. . . ."" But why is the word repeated later? (""You say, 'You are a predatory bird. I love you.'"") Mushy and peculiar.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Harper & Row