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THE EMPEROR'S GIFTS by Crockett Johnson Kirkus Star


illustrated by Crockett Johnson

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1965
Publisher: Holt Rinehart & Winston

Six rulers from surrounding kingdoms waited upon the youngest and newest member of their fraternity with typical gifts. King Drowse the Lazy brought a vial full of Contentment. Kng Wot the Learned brought the juice of Wisdom. King Rash the Foolhardy brought a beaker full of Bravery. King Daunt the Scary brought a battle of Prudence. King Squander the Lavish brought a jug of Generosity. King Grab the Greedy presented him with a flagon of Ambition. The little Emperor's quandray was what to give them in return. His solution is as simple as it is clever. He works a switch on the old shell game, appropriately shifting containers — King Drowse gets a snort of Ambition, King Daunt takes a belt of Bravery, etc., etc. Crockett Johnson is back on the track after his wash-out, Castles in the Sand (1965 p. 171-J-51). His little Emperor is the characteristic and always appealing Johnson figure familiar from the Barnaby cartoon strip days. Catchy and re-tellable.