THE GOODBYE SUMMER by Crosby Bonsall


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Allie hates goodbyes, like those on the last day of school, and her whole summer seems to be full of them. She takes a sudden fancy to a baby she meets in the park and his family moves to Altoona. Her mother makes her clean her room and throw ""my whole entire complete life"" out with the trash. Friend Molly goes off to camp as usual. And Ms. Wanda Lenya, a retired tacky actress, moves into Allie's mother's rooming house, becomes Allie's ""nifty"" companion (Ms. Lenya's word), then splits without notice. When Allie is up, telling outrageous lies to strangers in the park or causing a traffic jam when she follows her belongings to the dump, she can be funny. But Bonsall's theme is too pat and her characterization too shallow to support the serious side of Allie's story, which takes over in conversations with her widowed mother.

Pub Date: April 2nd, 1979
Publisher: Greenwillow