IT'S MINE! A Greedy Book by Crosby Bonsall

IT'S MINE! A Greedy Book

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...this battleory of early childhood is examined for all its flaws in the first of Mrs. Bonsall's intended Greedy Book series. Mabel Ann and Patrick play together every day and supply each other with favorite toys. Then, some whim or explosive sense of private property forces one or the other to erupt into the title exclamation and the good time is spoiled. One day, while they heatedly argued their rights to certain picnic food, a goat ambled over and took advantage of their total immersion in debate by eating everything in sight. Mabel Ann and Patrick see the light (and so will their youngest readers). The children are illustrated as small, pudgy figures that are touched with orange for a flash of added eye appeal.

Publisher: Harper & Row