LOOK WHO'S TALKING by Crosby Newell Ylla & Bonsall
Kirkus Star


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First prize goes to Ylla for these amazing closeups of zoo animals in a variety of open-mouthed positions, and displaying incredible facial expressions. No fewer laudits go to Mr. Bonsall for matching the perfect human interpretation to each photograph and fashioning the whole thing into a delightful story. Each animal has an opinion on why Oliver the Ostrich refuses to talk. The rhinoceros is philosophical; the bear is an alarmist; the chimp is arrogant; the lion is practical. Of all these wise and experimenced creatures, only the baby leopard succeeds in penetrating Oliver's wall of silence. He talks to him. And Oliver, who only speaks when he's spoken to, is more than to answer.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1962
Publisher: Harper