THE FOUR DEUCES: A Korean War Story by C.S. Crawford

THE FOUR DEUCES: A Korean War Story

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A career Marine recalls his service in the Korean War in exciting, vivid detail. Crawford missed the first and hottest phase of the Korean War, but he made up for that loss with months of action as a forward observer--directing the fire of Marine mortars in the series of frequent and violent skirmishes that accompanied the protracted peace talks between the two Korean governments. Blessed with a superb sense of distance, Crawford proved himself an invaluable asset to the fighting corps, time and again bringing mortar fire quickly and accurately to bear on an attacking enemy. His fire-control skills were even called on to direct the 16-inch guns of the USS New Jersey. Forward observers serve in the front lines of battle, where they see the very worst of man-to-man acts of extreme foolishness. He saw close friends die. He himself came close to dying. His memories are of a war in which men fought willingly and capably under brutal conditions against a determined and fierce enemy. A powerful book. Crawford's renderings of the men he fought with and the battles they fought are clean, clear, and unpretentious. His scenes are as sharp, stark, and powerful as the best b&w photography of the time.

ISBN: 0891416919
Publisher: Presidio