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THE LAST BATTLE by C.S. Lewis Kirkus Star


From the Chronicles of Narnia series, volume 7

by C.S. Lewis illustrated by Pauline Baynes

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1956
ISBN: 000732314X
Publisher: Macmillan

A new episode in Narnia reunites all of C.S. Lewis's talents as story teller, politician, religionist and apt characterizer of human nature, for there are qualities of beauty and deep principle as well as the gaiety of a funny and brilliantly imaginative fairy tale. At the root of Narnia's trouble this time lies Shift, the ape. Finding an old lion skin one day, he coerces his hanger-on, Puzzle, the ass, to wear the skin, disguise himself as Aslan the great protector of Narnia, and thus be in a position to tell others what to do. Shift, in his role as the power behind the false Aslan, creates trouble for Tirian, the young King of Narnia. But with the help of Jill and Eustace, the children from the land beyond, he fights off the evil Calormenes successfully and the evil Shift is exposed.