HIGH STAKES by Curt Riess


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A multi-plotted, overplotted story of espionage in New York, rooted in some recognizable incidents and others that might be real. Riess has recorded factually a great deal of isolationist- fifth column activity; this taps the same reservoir. Sprawling, sporadic, involved, it concerns a Transatlantic News Agency, a German propaganda machine, a handful of killings, a suicide, sabotage, illict loves and the FBI's attempt to put a stop to all this. Jimmy Duncan, laissez faire alcoholic and reporter is responsible for the good work, and turns out -- not too surprisingly -- to be an FBI agent. He is helped by Barbara, an English agent, posing as a Nazi. Other high ranking officials, professionals and killers make confusion worse confounded...He's better at non-fiction.

Pub Date: July 23rd, 1942
Publisher: Putnam