SATURDAY HEROES by Curtis Bishop


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We have always been partial to football yarns with the traditional elements of last quarter sacrifices, locker-room pep talks with a few manly tears, and this solid football story which combines sound sports action with stadium griefs and joy has them aplenty. Larry Baker, who left Staunton, his alma mater, to play pro football, knew he had played his last game, and when his old coach, beloved Jim Sheldon, turned him down for a coaching post at Staunton, because Jim felt Larry did not have the stuff for coaching, things looked pretty black. However, Larry proves he has the judgment and humanity necessary to successful coaching when he accepts a post at a Texas University under the sponsorship of a tyrannical Governor and after the big Rose Bowl game against Staunton, in which Larry forfeits a chance to win the game to spare Jim's son possible injury, Jim swallows words and tears.

Publisher: Steck