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RAGE OF LIONS by Curtis Jobling


From the Wereworld series, volume 2

by Curtis Jobling

Age Range: 12 - 15

Pub Date: June 19th, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-670-01389-0
Publisher: Viking

The second episode in a series projected to run to at least six cranks up the stakes, the gore, the body count and the number of super-powered were-creatures as the kingdom of Westland is overwhelmed by huge armies of invaders.

The cruel, depraved, deposed Lion King (take that, Disney) sits besieged in his tower, but his mad werelion son Lucas and wererat minion Vankaskan remain free—to kidnap werefox Lady Gretchen and sneak out through the sewers of Highcliff. In pursuit goes werewolf/reluctant royal heir Drew and best buddy/romantic complication Whitley, unaware that they are heading straight into the claws of Catlord invaders led by Onyx, a gigantic werepanther. Frequently punctuated with blood-spattered massacres and atrocities, the multi-threaded plot speeds its way to a pair of separate climactic battles. One leaves Drew’s allies scattered in flight, and the other puts Drew aboard a slave ship bound for a gladiatorial arena overseas.

Give Jobling a hand for crafting a sequel that’s even more lurid and action packed than the opener. (Fantasy. 12-15)