RADICAL THEOLOGY: PHASE TWO by C.W. & Glenn R. Wittig-Eds. Christian


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Radical theology"" is identified in this anthology with recent ""death of God"" theology; and ""Phase Two"" indicates the period of reaction and assimilation of that theology by the scholarly community, after the initial public and ecclesiastical reactions have somewhat subsided. The editors see three possible grounds of criticism of the ""death of God"" theology: l) its inaccuracy in describing the contemporary theological situation; 2) its mistaken interpretation of this situation; and 3) the inadequacies of its positive theological positions. Fourteen essays make up the collection. They come for the most part from younger and less widely known scholars, although names like that of John C. Bennett and Langdon Gilkey appear, and the ecumenical sweep of contributors includes Michael Novak and Rabbi Norman Lamm, as well as David Jenkins of England. The materials offered range from articles that appeared in Look to excerpts from inaugural addresses and scholarly studies. Inconclusive, the anthology nevertheless provides instructive reading for students concerned with new theological developments, and is for the most part readable by interested laymen.

Pub Date: July 28th, 1967
Publisher: Lippincott