NAILHEADS & POTATO EYES: A Beginning Word Book by Cynthia Basil

NAILHEADS & POTATO EYES: A Beginning Word Book

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A potato has eyes, like you, but they don't see; a clock has a face and hands; a bottle, a mouth; the pipe under the bathroom sink, an elbow but no arms; and here's a riddle: What has four legs, a head and a foot? (A bed.) Basil lists more verbal analogies between human parts and those of manmade objects, while McCaffrey's brown block prints juxtapose lively, unclothed children with their inert counterparts. The pictures, suitably enough, look sprightly and static at the same time; some development, on the other hand, might fairly be expected of Basil's idea. It might serve as a sort of mind-stretching follow-up to the bend-and-stretch break in a story hour, but it doesn't have the teeth to hold anyone for long.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1976
Publisher: Morrow