ALWAYS AND FOREVER by Cynthia Freeman


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Get out your hankie and your righteous female indignation, bubeleh: Freeman (The Last Princess, etc. etc.) is at it again--now with a protagonist who fights the old battle of the abused wife. Kathy Ross of Borough Park, Brooklyn, realizes too late that she made a terrible mistake in marrying Phil Kohn, pampered son of Julius Kohn, a furrier. Stranded in a big Connecticut colonial during the claustrophic 1950's, she takes solace in her son, Jesse, and in memories of an aborted romance with Phil's cousin, David, who stayed in Berlin after the war to do high-level nutrition research. Meanwhile, Phil pursues secretaries and starlets, with Kathy enduring his infidelities for the sake of her son. But when Phil--now an executive in his dad's firm--squeals to Commie hunters on one of Kathy's friends (an animal-rights activist), Kathy vanishes with Jesse, dying her hair blond and losing herself in San Francisco to avoid a custody battle. By the time Phil finds her, she's opened a string of successful clothing stores, hitched up with David again, and gathered incriminating photos--ones that will keep the boy out of Phil's hands permanently. The one character who develops here is Phil, transformed as he is from casual cad into mustache-twirling villain. Kathy's the sort of woman who focuses ""on building an exquisite wardrobe"" when things get bad. Though Freeman fans are legion, even they may find themselves most sympathetic here with the minks and sables who've given their lives to keep Kathy pelted.

Pub Date: April 26th, 1990
Publisher: Putnam