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ONE FOR THE PRICE OF TWO by Cynthia Jameson



Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1972
Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press

With beautifully dear and delicate colors and lovely leafy backgrounds, Anita Lobel creates a distinctly Japanese setting for the story of an old man who brags so much about his new heifer that the clog maker and his apprentice conspire to trick him, not once but twice, into losing the heifer ying it back (unrecognized) from them. The story, while undistinguished, is clever enough to get by with some visual reinforcement, but unfortunately the subtler humor of Lobel's pictures (it's all in the sly slanting eyes) is not in the same spirit as the simple peasant-trickster nature of the tale. The book is however so nicely executed that it's worth trying in the hope that younger, more open minds can put it all together.