CHRIST AND THE FINE ARTS by Cynthia Pearl Maus


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The introductory material indicates ways of approach to the teaching of religion, through pictures, through poetry, through story telling, through music. The subsequent development uses all of these forms, tracing the life of Christ through Nativity, Youth, Manhood, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension. The book is illustrated with fine reproductions of famous paintings. The final section traces the part the Christ plays in every aspect of life, -- in religion, in nature, in mother love, in childhood, in service, in prayer and in charity. Inclusion of much from literature of religion that is familiar; and much that is not well known. Careful across indexing at back makes reference to material possible under various headings. 90 art reproductions and interpretations. 117 hymns. 240 poems. 70 stories. It is a book that some will think sentimental, but that many will find helpful and inspiring.

Publisher: Harper