BREAKFAST FOR SAMMY by Cynthia Weissman


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There's a talent for picture-book Storytelling apparent in this first effort, and a knack for dramatization evident in the pictures; but the story is hampered by a misstep at the start and the lack of a sense of direction for some time thereafter. Because Mama is sick and he loves little brother Sammy, Herbert stays home to make Sammy's breakfast before he--but why not Herbert too?--goes to school. Then Sammy just seems to be giving Herbert a hard time by insisting that he do everything the way Mother does (complete to wearing--ridiculously--her soft furry slippers); or might he be, could he be, every obstinate, routine-happy child? But no: he starts escalating his demands, insisting that Mama lets him make all sorts of messes, until poor aproned Herbert is worn to a frazzle--whereupon Sammy confesses, ""Mama doesn't always let me do all those things. I came back to help you clean up."" The story ends, becomingly, with a goodbye kiss (""Mama always gives me one, too,"" says Herbert); and that, plus the crisp, happy cartoons, inspires a regret that it doesn't pull itself together sooner.

Pub Date: March 6th, 1978
Publisher: Four Winds