THE PLANT DOCTOR -- Revised Edition by Cynthia Westcott

THE PLANT DOCTOR -- Revised Edition

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The first edition of The Plant Doctor (1937) is constantly consulted not only for the sound February to November calendar of garden demands in the war against pests and disease, but for its value in helping identify causes of troubles. I've found the greatest lack lay in detailed instructions on exactly what to do-too much assumption that any gardener would know how to use the prescribed remedy, strength, quantity, etc. That shortcoming is met in this completely revised edition, and furthermore a sound, middle of the road position is taken in regard to the advances made in materials, equipment, methods. There are special chapters on regional troubles which will extend the value of the book well beyond the northeast area for which it was originally written. There's an alphabetical miscellany which is ever so much more than a glossary; for example under Tools there is a detailed listing of equipment- pros and cons- of a ""medicine kit"" for the garden, etc. The list of agricultural experiment stations is geographically arranged, and should be useful. A standard reference book in an increasingly important phase of every gardener's library.

Publisher: Lippincott